Dragstrip Rumble: Bakersfield, Pt. 1

The first in a five-part series, this episode of “Dragstrip Rumble” introduces Top Fuel Dragster driver from the 59th March Meet, including Adam Sorokin, Mendy Fry, Jim Murphy and Tony Bartone

In this segment, the drivers explain what is driving their desire to claim a March Meet Top Fuel Title. Champion Speed Shop driver Adam Sorokin explains, in reference to his dad, Mike Sorokin winning the March Meet, that: “I want to get more (win) on my old man, who won it in 1966.” Mendy Fry says her goal is take the victory in another “all-female final,” reprising the 1983 race when Lucille Lee triumphed over Shirley Muldowney, because, even though Mendy is the only distaff driver in competition, “whoever is in the other lane is going to be my baby girl.”

Jim Murphy shares a poignant memory of the 1998 March Meet, when he triumphed in the wake of his car’s owner and tuner succumbing to aneurysm days before the event. “It was the most emotional drag race — or maybe event — that I’ve ever been involved in.”

3-time repeat Series Champion Tony Bartone states that his goal is to win a third March Meet Title, and prevent his rival, Murphy, from claiming a fifth.

Later, Dragstrip Rumble analyst Whit Bazemore explains the limited technology that makes driving these fire-breathing dragsters such a challenge, while “Top Fuel Insider” Cole Coonce explains that this, in fact, is anybody’s race. –30-


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